May 26, 2024

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New Poll: Small Acts of Kindness Make Most Americans Feel Better

Washington, D.C., Nov. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the holiday season approaches, most Americans say that small acts of kindness make them feel better, and that is true for both giving and receiving those acts. And acts of kindness were happening: in the past three months, 93% of Americans reported having done something kind, including 69% who had said hello to a stranger, 68% who reported holding a door open for someone, and 65% who had given someone a compliment. Among other options surveyed:

  • 39% had checked in on someone who seemed down or depressed.
  • 33% had donated goods to a charitable cause.
  • 24% had donated money to a charitable cause.
  • 19% had given up their seat for someone.
  • 17% had paid someone else's tab.
  • 11% had volunteered or participated in a charity event.

These are among the results of the American Psychiatric Association's most recent Healthy Minds Poll, fielded by Morning Consult among 2,210 adults Oct. 16-19, 2023. Among those surveyed, 89% said showing someone else an act of kindness made them feel either significantly, somewhat, or a ...

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